6 Week Transformation Challenge

Your start to a lifetime of health and fitness. 

Building a foundation in fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. 

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Health & Fitness Track

Higher intensity shorter duration workouts get you more results, without burnout and get you fit for the real world. 

Workouts consist of running, rowing, biking, kettle bells, dumbbells, body weight exercise, and interval training. You will learn amazing new skills you never thought were possible. For Members looking to…

  • Change body composition gains muslce and burn fat!
  • Develop an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Improve their mobility and/or heal old injuries.
  • Gain practical strength and conditioning for everyday life.
  • Improve balance, coordination, and agility.
  • Relieve stress in their lives.
  • Tackle simple-to-perform functional movement exercises ( no barbell strength training).
  • Be part of an energetic, supportive, and positive community to hold them accountable and help them succeed.

Performance TRACK

For individuals looking to be athletic for a sport or competing in CrossFit.

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